Dark Matter



Evolution in Reverse or Sex in the Empire of Chaos and Entropy

"At some point in the Future/ Present the planet will reach an ecological tipping point. The combination of global warming, chemical pollution of the environment, human population density, lack of fresh water, and natural disasters will suddenly result in visible changes in our ecosystems.  If you listen and read you will already know that there are indications at the level of speciation that something is awry. In fact, both the number of endangered species and extinctions are multiplying. Notwithstanding our incomplete understanding of the mechanisms for these changes, something does appear to be happening at the genetic and cellular level that reduces the fitness of living systems in our modern environment. So far we have not experienced dramatic declines like those proposed for sudden cataclysm that occurred at the K/T boundary. In the absence of an impact event,  the declines could be just as gradual as evolution with punctuated spurts but the direction  being a sustained reverse. Adjust for an occasional pandemic and  technological advance and the continued deterioration would be delayed. Factor in the greed of unsustainable development and the inevitable clash of civilizations and we get some moderation in the rate of disappearance of  you, your friends, dogs, fleas and other assorted fellow travelers….but we will disappear….along with other complex creatures.

 The culmination of cellular differentiation and evolution has been an increase in complexity structurally and a certain level of diversity. This will be reversed. Just how fast is questionable as is the sequence. Let’s guess that the simplest free living organisms will be the last …and then darkness of light.   One ecological certainty is that all living systems will be effected and be part of the disaster tapestry. This is simply the outcome of the ecological principle that all things are related to everything else. Of course the alternative could be a kind of supermutants that survive it all and thrive in a toxic soup from hell."

 L.P. Visentin 2005