The NYC East River Aquathon

The Inaugural NYC East River Aquathon was an epic challenge put forth to the peoples of NYC and to the visitors of the annual 2008 DUMBO Festival by the members of the H2O Collective. (1.Landon Jones, Patrick Visentin, Justin Parr)  The heroic goal of this daring Aquathon was to consume no less than the entire static volume of the East River. We invited all comers to drink as much of the East River as they possibly could at our mobile East River Water Purification Unit. We further encouraged participants to pledge additional quantities of water to be consumed within the allotted time frame of the festival. The peoples of NYC rose to the occasion and their determination courage and thirst saw them drink their way into the annals of time.  Congratulations to all involved, who contributed their drop in the bucket.  To this date the East River still flows...although a little slower and a little lower.

1. H2O Collective  From Left to Right. Landon Jones, Patrick Visentin and Justin Parr